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12-Year-Old's Beauty and the Beast Short Is the Gaston Prequel We've Been Waiting For

Still: YouTube
Still: YouTube

The original Beauty and the Beast never really explored Gaston and LeFou’s joint backstory. They were best buddies, and that was all you really needed to know. While the live-action remake dove a little more into their past, there’s still a lot to explore. As io9 has pointed out, we need a Gaston prequel in our lives. Luckily, one 12-year-old kid is here to answer our prayers, with a story about how Gaston and LeFou met.


Before the live-action Beauty and the Beast hit theaters, Disney teamed up with Young Storytellers and Tongal to give four kids the chance to tell their own Beauty and the Beast stories. They’re all super cute, and those kids are talented as hell, but the stand-out star has to be “LeFouston,” a claymation short about Gaston and LeFou’s first encounter. It doesn’t exactly follow the plot suggested by the film— here they’re both criminals, instead of meeting at war like the movie suggests. But it’s still a fantastic short film from 12-year-old Robert Nelson (directed by Tongal’s Kevin Ulrich).


You can watch the clip below, possibly while dreaming about how awesome it would be to get Luke Evans on screen once again. After all, no one steals a scene like Gaston.


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So, I am actually going to talk about the claymation short...

I haven’t seen the new BatB yet, but I absolutely LOVED this short!

And Le Fou gets to hug Gaston when they are riding the horse! I’ll bet they rode the same horse alot early in their relationship!