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12 Monkeys Gets 12-Episode Pick Up From Syfy

Illustration for article titled em12 Monkeys/em Gets 12-Episode Pick Up From Syfy

We're getting a full season of the new 12 Monkeys TV series from Syfy, which will help push the channel's slate of original scripted series forward (especially since we're losing Warehouse 13 and Being Human this year).


The series will be based on the French film La Jetee (which the Terry Gilliam movie was also inspired by). And will follow a time traveler, played by Aaron Stanford, who is sent back in time to stop a terrible plague that wipes out most of mankind.

Can't wait to see this pilot.

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"... sent back in time to stop a terrible plague..."

In 12 Monkeys, Cole is not sent back to stop the plague from ever happening. He and his handlers know they cannot change the past; he says "It's already happened." Rather, he is sent back to gather samples of the original virus to help find a cure for the plague in his present.