114-year-old woman named world's oldest, Reuters jinxes everything

Yesterday, Guinness World Records recognized 114-year-old Japanese woman Misao Ookawa as the world's oldest living woman with a certificate, seen here.

Then Reuters, either unfazed by or unaware of the superstitious implications, did the unthinkable and called the award an "early birthday present," before going on to declare that "next week, Ookawa will rack up one more year of living on March 5 as she turns 115."


We are knocking on all the wood we can get our hands on, and we encourage you to do the same — but we're optimistic. According to Japanese media, Ookawa has never had a major illness in her life. Plus she's super level-headed and awesome in that way that supercentenarians often tend to be:

"Given everything, it's pretty good," she said upon receiving the certificate.

Top image via Reuters

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