The good guys (and horny teens) aren't the only ones shedding their clothes in science fiction and fantasy stories โ€” but when villains get naked, it's often really weird and/or traumatizing. Here are the 11 most WTF scenes involving naked villainy. NSFW!

11. Everyone Who Gets Naked in the Terminator - The Terminator Franchise

Why do Terminators (or humans) have to be naked to travel back in time? Why is that a rule? It doesn't make any sense to send them back in time naked โ€” if they can go back in time, SO CAN THEIR CLOTHES. The nudity leads to so many WTF scenes โ€” from the confrontation with Punk Bill Paxton to the naked biker bar scene, to the Terminator Salvation moment where a naked CG Arnold just comes flying out of a locked room. There is a lot of WTF nudity in the Terminator series. See this College Humor video for more thoughts on the reasoning behind this kerfuffle.

10. Mumm-Ra - Thundercats: The Return

This comic is set in the future where the Thundercats have all become slaves to the evil Mumm-Ra. Thundercats: The Return goes full "no no no no no no thank you no" when it sexes up Wilykat and Wilykit and forces them to bathe a naked Mumm-Ra. Who is apparently really cut under all those bandages (and veiny). The amount of panel space dedicated to a naked Mumm-Ra was... upsetting.


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9. Cobra Commander - GI Joe the Movie

This scene from GI Joe the Movie always scared (and enticed) us for a number of reasons. Cobra Commander is sprayed with a pod chemical that turns him into a snake person. But not before his clothes slowly stop to slip away (indicating his transformation to snake person? I don't know the eyes and scales were a giveaway). Anyway, a blinded Roadblock shows up and finds the completely mad, half dressed Commander and carries his naked scaly ass to safety. At one point he is only wearing a belt, and it always made us feel weird. Because snake/human penis.


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8. Mindy Clarke - Return of the Living Dead III

Julie Walker (Mindy Clarke) is brought back from the dead in Return of the Living Dead III. But instead of turning into your typical run-of-the-mill flesh starved zombie, she turns into a pain-hungry, flesh starved zombie. Desperate for more pain, she starts threading chains through her neck and shoving broken glass through her shoulders. We could handle it until she started in on her lady lumps. And the pain was felt across the universe. OUCH. OUCH. OUCH. Her breasts remain exposed for most of the movie, and are constantly getting tugged or cut โ€” not for the faint of heart. But snaps to ROTLD3 for trying to back this bit of weirdness up with actual zombie-need reasoning. She's so hot for pain, so OBVIOUSLY THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS. Nope.


7. Darth Vader - Darth Vader And The Lost Command

The Darth Vader And The Lost Command comic answers that long awaited question. Boxers or briefs Lord Vader? Turns out it's METAL BRIEFS. Think of the chafing. Oh, the chafing!

6. SID 6.7 - Virtuosity

Russell Crowe's online serial killer personality gets zapped into human form (sort of) in Virtuosity. How does Crow spend his first minutes of physical life? By doing a little naked dance. We will forever WTF/heart your little butt dance knife-twirl, SID 6.7.


5. Jason Vorhees - Friday the 13th: Part VII โ€” The New Blood

Usually it's the horny youths who strip down in the Jason slasher flicks. But in Friday the 13th: Part VII โ€” The New Blood, Jason's clothes get ripped to tatters. Revealing a pile of spoiled lunch meat so foul, we just couldn't. Even his spine comes out to play. But it's perhaps represented best by the toy, which showed it all. And it was terrifying.


4. Alex Merkel - Secret Six

DC villain Alex Merkel stitched her own eyes open and sewed patches of flesh on her face. We were horrified by this mob boss who lives a crate in the basement of a strip club. Needless to say, we were good with that information and that information alone. So when she jumps out naked in the comic, the "what the fucks!" could be heard round the world.


3. Grendel's Mother - Beowulf

Another very positive WTF, because we did not expect a mocap version of Grendel's Mom to be Angelina Jolie covered in gold paint. Yeah, yeah we all knew this was coming (because she was basically naked in every promo ever) but if you really really think about it... WTF? Was this the only reason anyone saw Beowulf?

2. Pinbacker - Sunshine

Ok so Pinbacker wasn't technically "naked naked" but we're not sure he could get those pants off even if he wanted to. Nothing like having a half naked serial killer in a spaceship. Bless you Sunshine, for so many reasons, but many for selling us on the WTF-ness of this totally demented character.


1. Melisandre - Game Of Thrones

Melisandre taking her clothes of in Game of Thrones issn't anything new. But Melisandre taking her clothes off to seduce Gendry so she could tie him up and throw leeches on him, that was a BIG WTF. Added WTF points for her slowly explaining her cunning strategic reason for getting all naked as well: So he doesn't see it coming. Sure sure sure.


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