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See Wolverine Early, By Suffering Through American Idol

Illustration for article titled See Wolverine Early, By Suffering Through American Idol

Want to see a preview of X-Men Origins: Wolverine before it gets released in May? All you have to do is force yourself to sit through American Idol next week. Oh, and another couple shows.


To promote the release of Fox's attempt to breathe new life into the X-Men franchise, corporate synergy is pushing a three minute scene from the film onto Fox's TV network, split into three one-minute segments to run one-per-night from this Sunday to Tuesday. The shows that will feature the previews will be:
- Family Guy at 9pm on Sunday, Feb 15th
- House at 8pm on Monday, Feb 16th
- American Idol at 8pm on Tuesday, Feb 17th

Of course, Fox isn't saying when the previews will run during those shows, but don't worry. American Idol is only two hours long on Tuesday. Hope Hugh Jackman is worth it.


3 Minutes of X-Men Origins: Wolverine to Air on Fox [/Film]

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Sooo not worth it.