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V Reboot Takes Place In The Vancouververse

Illustration for article titled V Reboot Takes Place In The Vancouververse

ABC's reboot of classic alien-invasion show V won't just feel like co-creator Scott Peters' show The 4400, it'll also be filmed in The 4400's stomping grounds of Vancouver. Plus there are more script details.


It's starting to feel like more and more science fiction shows take place in the Vancouververse, that nondescript urban landscape where aliens, cyborgs and monsters roam the Anytown, U.S.A.-looking streets, always careful not to stand in front of the telltale mountains. In any case, this is a bad sign, if you believe io9 commenter and weekly contributor Garrison Dean.


Meanwhile, SpoilerTV unearthed another casting call which includes some more characters who will be joining "Anderson Cooper wannabe" Chad, alien spokesperson Anna, counter-terrorism expert Erica and resistance leader Father Jack.

They include Valerie, a single mother who is dating Ryan (who turns out to be one of the aliens in disguise, but he's on our side. We think.) And Valerie's daughter Cassie. Then there's Lisa, one of the Visitors who serves as a guide aboard their mothership. Lisa appears 18 years old and is flirty, easily drawing Erica's son Tyler and his friend Bryce into the ranks of the Visitors' allies. Then there's Marcus, another Visitor and Anna's second in command.

[CinemaSpy and SpoilerTV]

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On the bright side it probably means this lady will show up...[] whose appearance is always very comforting for some reason. Like a friendly aunt.