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When Blog Democracy Goes Bad

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You are all very, very sick people. Annalee listens to you complaining about the Heroes recaps every week, asks if you want her to stop doing it, and you all say "Keep going"?


To be fair, at least the vote was fairly close, with 35% wanting Annalee to keep telling you how much the show blows every week, against 24% wanting it all to stop, already (To the 6% who said they'd rather see Dancing With The Stars recaps, be careful what you wish for). I didn't catch this week's Heroes until last night, thanks to the wonders of DVR, and... I have to admit feeling Annalee's pain. And you want to make her keep doing this for weeks? Seriously? That said, I'm not sure I'd go as far as Roland21:

This show now take the prize: WORST SHOW OF 2000s! Kudos to Kring an the crap-awfully team writer!


Apparently you haven't seen Life on Mars recently, my friend.

I have to admit, I loved corvus.imbrifer's impassioned plea for just why Annalee should stay with the recaps:

Must keep recapping, Ms Newitz! It is a duty to television, the genre, and the community. In this new age of reciprocal media, the makers of television need to hear more than just the voices of the Unquestioning True Faithful. Otherwise we abandon television to the uncritical and undiscriminating. We might as well get a CW lobotomy and be done with it.

'Heroes' was has always been wobbly for me, but I like to be able to voice why in literate, thoughtful terms. Recapping helps with that. It may have fallen on hard times, but I'm no fair weather friend. I will bitch till they fix it. But just saying 'Meh' isn't sufficient, proper criticism is needed. Similarly, I loved 'Supernatural' like no other. It was /about/ something, and had unexpected depth. Then it got stupid. Astoundingly so. Did I just switch off, thinking 'oh well' or did I voice my complaints, hoping somehow that the Gods of Television would hear and be inveigled to return to greatness? Even if it meant courting the wrath of the devotees of La Ackles (who can hear no wrong spoken)?

I know, I know, "it's just a TV show, stop mistaking Kring for Kipling. Or Kripke for Kafka." But there are objective standards, right? Are we allowed to have standards? Oh, well. If nothing else, hopefully, the recaps and the discussions that follow will help the writers of tomorrow be better writers. To the barricades, Ms Newitz! I have my big red flag.

That kind of thing makes me feel even more guilty that I haven't been writing up Chuck these past few weeks. Tuesday, I will, okay? Promise. It wasn't all bold urges to keep upper lips stiff and Heroes hate, however; while Bonniegrrl singlehandedly came up with a plan to improve the show in two easy steps (Now, if it was a musical episode directed by David Lynch, everyone would have to tune in, out of morbid curiosity, at least), other people were talking about shows that they'd rather see us recap instead:

JillianBean: "Recap 'Burn Notice' or 'Life'. Those two shows are fluffy fun. And both have awesome geek cred; Tricia Helfer (Number 6) occasionally on 'Burn Notice' and Christina Hendricks (Saffron from 'Firefly') occasionally on 'Life'."

Discodave: "Recap Tom Baker's run on Doctor Who so I can pretend I actually saw more than just City of Death and that one about the robots with beaded braids." (To Mr. Disco: Are you more of a Peter Davison fan, then?)

BullLifter: "Start recapping Reaper when it comes back!"

Min-T: "Start recapping Supernatural. It's getting interesting now that one (or both) of the brothers is evil."

flandria: "Recap The Closer, lol, they use computers sometimes."

rachaeljean: "I vote for a 'Sci Fi Classics' recap - kind of like Wil Wheaton's reviews of old TNG episodes. Sure, you wouldn't have all the behind-the-scenes info he has, but you could still do quality, entertaining pieces full of MST3K-style word snark! :) And You Tube clips for fun and profit!"

mudderofcamdem: "Long as you dont recap Knight Rider I am good."

Interested parties may, of course, remember that we did use to recap Knight Rider, before our gag reflex kicked back in. Some of the shows mentioned above have been discussed within the shared mindspace we call io9, and Supernatural in particular is a strong contender to make it on the site. Personally, I'd love to see Meredith unleashed on Sci-Fi Classics, but I'm not sure she'd thank me for that. All I know is that I'm never going to ask if you people whether or not I should stop writing things about movie that'll get other bloggers attacking me, because I'm not sure that my ego could withstand being accused of bloviating on a regular basis...


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As cruel as it is be to force Annalee to continue watching Heroes (honestly, I don't know how she does it but I suspect some sort of head brace, toothpicks and saline solution are involved), it is imperative that some sort of analysis and informed criticism continues even on media offerings that continue to pee on our expectations.

I salute all those who continue to watch the unwatchable. It is their tireless vigilance on the watchtowers for geeky fandom that may protect us from even crappier offerings in the future. It will take more than, "It totally blows!" or "Needs more bewbs" to learn from the tragic errors of the past. It's only constructive criticism or Stochastic Aesthetics (beats me, ask Braak) from fans and haters that will hopefully show the boffins who create and market what might actually work rather than stumbling over the same cliff edges like the dinosaurs our ancestors once hunted.

Yeah, I doubt anyone really listens to us either. Whatever. I got books to review and rye to drink. What, no "Jive Tarkin" this week? *sniffle* I miss Wiluff.