Watchmen Screenwriter Forms Own Company, Shows Us The Scary Side Of Belgium

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Forget SyFy, it seems that sci-fi, horror and fantasy has another new name, and it's "Dark Hero"... Or, at least, that's what Watchmen screenwriter David Hayter would like everyone to think, if possible.


Dark Hero Studios is actually the name of Hayter's new company (co-founded with Doomsday and upcoming movie adaptation Castlevania producer Benedict Carver), which has been created as a place to produce new SF, horror and fantasy franchises in whatever medium possible (They're looking at movies, comics and video games to begin with, but Hayter feels like he's got a great cookbook in him somewhere). (Update: Warren Ellis clarifies in the comments that he's written an animated Castlevania movie, not the live-action version.)

The new company will launch with Demonology, which Hayter describes as based on his own teen years:

It's about an American kid who goes to one of these schools in Belgium, but it brings my own horrible experiences of school to life.


Presumably, there'll be demons involved somewhere along the line to make it live up to that title. Whether or not Hayter will make creepy public statements about the movie (or any other future projects from the studio) post-release remains to be seen.

Hayter, Carver form Dark Hero [Variety]

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Is no one willing to use his name in titles of things? On Kotaku he's "MGS4 Voice Actor", here he's "Watchmen Screenwriter"... He has a name! David Hayter. He wrote X-Men one and two for Gods sake!