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Chart Shows All the Technologies That Could Help You Live Forever

Illustration for article titled Chart Shows All the Technologies That Could Help You Live Forever

The weirdos at Xenophilia have posted this intriguing chart from the Methuseleh Foundation, a group that promises to help cure aging if you'll just donate $85/month.


Here are all the technologies they're interested in, and the age-related problems they're designed to cure.

via Xenophilia

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I don't get why people tend to be so down on immortality. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it. :P Death is just that — non-existence. You can't see another beautiful sunset after you die. You can't fall in love again after you die. You can't have a brilliant idea after you die. Or read a really good book on a rainy afternoon.

And the universe is ever-changing. To suggest one would get bored is silly, since every year would bring something new. And, not fearing death, you'd be able to explore all the possibilities the world offers.

Even if there is such a thing as living for too long, what makes 70 or 80 or 90 years on this planet such a good end point? Why not 200? Or 300? Or 1,000 years? Then, if you really are bored, maybe you could move on. But you'd certainly have time to try and learn and maybe even create a few new things in the meantime. Why not earn another degree? Or try your hand at a whole new profession? Or ten new professions over the course of your life? Why not change the world? If you had a few centuries to think about how to do it and to improve yourself and your abilities, you probably could!

Really, it almost seems like some of all this being down on immortality comes from bitterness. :P

My favourite quote about immortality? From Pratchett:

"What's up, Sarge? Do you want to live forever?"

"Dunno. Ask me again in five hundred years."