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Terminator: Salvation Won't End The Way You Expect

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If you think you've already been spoiled for the ending of this summer's Terminator: Salvation, think again; apparently, the ending leaked on the internet has been scrapped in favor of something much more secret. Spoilers?


Moviehole is reporting that the ending leaked by CHUD and Ain't It Cool last year - that the "real" John Connor dies before the end of the movie and is replaced by Marcus, a "good" Terminator who realizes the importance of JC as a figurehead for the resistance - has been entirely dumped by Warners as a result of the leak, and that the new ending is... well, better:

The third act of the film has been completely changed "because of the internet leak. The ending doesn't resemble the previous one in any shape or form". And more so, the new ending has tested quite well; it's gotten a much better reaction than the 'big reveal' in the script did. [Apparently, Warners] were as red as Daredevil about the ending being spoilt online and had begun to rewrite the script. And that's exactly what they did. Its now, according to our friend on the inside, "A complete [180] from the original film. Works better. Probably not as hard to swallow. Real good though".


So far, no spoilers about this new ending have surfaced, but that doesn't mean that we can't begin to speculate wildly. What would constitute "a complete 180" from the original? Marcus dying? John Connor having been a Terminator all along? All of the Terminators being John Connor in some weird way? Feel free to add your own guesses below.

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Anyone ever wonder what Skynet plans to do when all the humans are dead?

Ideas, anyone?