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It's Like Blade Runner, By Way Of Uwe Boll

We need more terrible movies like The Gene Generation, this instant classic - newly on DVD - about a Dark Future [TM] where fetish-wear-clad assassins stalk "DNA hackers." And Faye Dunaway grows tentacles!

After meeting Bai Ling the other day, I was inspired to track down the DVD of The Gene Generation, which came out a few months ago. (Our intrepid columnist, Lisa Katayama, reviewed it last year.) The rest of the movie isn't quite as fantastic as this opening sequence, which sets up the whole DNA-rewriting, crazy tentacle-face premise. (The "cheap science fiction movie voiceover opening sequence" is an art form in itself. How many movies have them? I feel like it's become a standard feature.)


After this, the movie sort of descends into a bit of a tawdry melodrama in which Bai tries to save her degenerate gambler brother from the gangsters he owes money to. And then the brother, by coincidence, steals the prototype DNA transcoder, and wackiness ensues. On the plus side, there are golden showers and cool CG vistas, including flying sampans with giant video screens on them. It's very Blade Runner-ish, except if reinterpreted by Uwe Boll.

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Uwe Boll is a great talent. After over a dozen movies he has added absolutely nothing to his abilities as a director. He came fully formed into the world, like the goddess Athena.

Uwe Boll - unchangeable force and god of directors!