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Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl: What More Could You Want?

I don't think they used enough fake blood in this trailer for Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl, from the sickos behind Tokyo Gore Police. There's at least five seconds with no splatter. Rockin soundtrack, though!

I love all the bolts coming out of Frankenstein Girl's face, and all the weird dismemberments. Not to mention the Terminator-y skull thing that gets twirled around over and over. Oh, and the teacher with ten cigarettes in his mouth. You'll have to watch this trailer ten times to catch all the weird throw-away (or slash-away) stuff.


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speaking of throw away/slash-away details, did you notice that banner in back of the girl with the cut off almost dangling arms? It said "[edge of frame cropped text]dent wrist cut rally'. I assume "STUdent Wrist Cut Rally"? WTH kind of a movie has a scene with a Student Wrist Cut Rally?

I am now going to try really hard to pretend I never saw this. The alternative is that I will wonder about this until my head explodes. Which apparently wouldn't be anywhere near as gorey as this film.