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A Cosmic Fountain of Foamy Galaxies and Blue Giant Stars

Illustration for article titled A Cosmic Fountain of Foamy Galaxies and Blue Giant Stars

The cluster of galaxies known as Arp 194 is enormous - over 100,000 light-years from top to bottom - and it's filled with young, blue stars burning at extremely high temperatures.


According to AP:

This "fountain" contains complexes of super star clusters, each one of which may contain dozens of individual young star clusters. The blue color is produced by the hot, massive stars which dominate the light in each cluster. Overall, the "fountain" contains many millions of stars. This picture was issued to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope aboard the space shuttle Discovery in 1990. During the past 19 years Hubble has made more than 880,000 observations and snapped over 570,000 images of 29,000 celestial objects.


Photo via AP/NASA

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Corpore Metal

You know these galactic space porn entries are getting a little bit like interpreting the shapes of clouds.

"Ooh! That one looks like a cat! And that one looks like a dragon!"

I guess this is understandable, with far more than a hundred billion other galaxies out there, the namespace is quickly exhausted. Astronomers themselves have already taken some good names, the Dumb Bell galaxy, the Sombrero Hat Galaxy, the Black Eye Galaxy, the Sunflower Galaxy, etc. etc.

What's left? A galaxy named "Fred?!"