Fringe Teases Explanations And Multiple Bishops In Season Finale

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What is Olivia's power? What about Peter's secret? The Fringe season finale reveals some secrets and unveils many more, if the stars and producers' hints at their Paley Festival appearance is anything to go by.


Amongst the spoilers revealed during Thursday night's Fringe appearance at Paleyfest were promises that we'll find out the connection between Massive Dynamics' Nina Sharp and William Bell before the end of this season ("Is she his protector? Is she his accomplice? Is she innocent?" asked Roberto Orci), as well as seeing an unusual meeting between Olivia and Bell ("Where she meets him is the cooler question, but I'm not saying any more," according to Anna Torv, who plays Olivia). The Bishop Family will share a tender moment, and most excitingly, producer Jeff Pinker teased that we'll find out more about the secret past of Peter. Or, perhaps, Peters:

'Is he Peter?' is a good question... 'Is there only one Peter?' I think it's really exciting. We knew the secret of Peter before the season started, and it's been hinted at or sort of laid in in the architecture of the show since the pilot. We start to acknowledge to the audience what that secret is. He, Peter himself, will not learn the secret or one of the secrets at the end of this season, but we will.


More than one Joshua Jackson? Can the world survive that many cocky grins and mumbled line readings? We wait to discover with baited breath.

Fringe stars and producers reveal season-ending secrets [SciFi Wire]

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