Bea Arthur Shot First (A Tribute)

In honor of the great Bea Arthur, who passed this weekend, we thought it only right to post a Star Wars Cantina singalong from the Star Wars Holiday Special. You will be missed, Bea.


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I LOVED Bea as Ackmena - the night-time bartender of the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine in "The Star Wars Holiday Special!" She was strong, smart, witty, and didn't take any guff from anyone, including the Empire. Best of all, she danced with Greedo and sang to that wretched hive of scum and villainy as she threw them out of the cantina.

I'm still waiting for Hasbro to make an Ackmena action figure (HINT! HINT!) so I can act out my own cantina dramas with Han Solo, Hammerhead and IG-88. (Trust me, I have an awesome scenario playing out in my head for some time now.)

Her standard farewell to cantina bar patrons was, "Come back soon, I'll be waiting." I'd like to think that she's in that big cantina in the sky, waiting for us with a few sage words of advice and a pitcher of her best libation.