Save Chuck So That Zachary Levi Never Has To Work At Subway Again

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As far as pleas to save TV shows go, stars working behind the counter at Subway has to count as one of the less obvious ones. But that's exactly what Chuck's Zachary Levi did recently.


Trying to drum up support for a third season of NBC's Chuck, Levi and fellow star Adam Baldwin ended up treating 400 British convention goers to lunch at a local Subway this weekend. UK blog End of Show was there to eat... I mean, report:

[F]an Wendy Farrington had the unique idea of getting fans to follow the money and show the sandwich franchise Subway that the show they were sponsoring had an audience. She presented the idea to Zachary Levi who plays the titular character Chuck Bartowski at Starfury conventions T1 event in Birmingham, UK. Levi and Adam Baldwin (Casey) then asked the hundreds of con attendees to follow them on en masse to the local Subway.

Levi, who described the show as "On the good side of the bubble", even got behind the counter and helped out the besieged staff of the outlet in the Birmingham NEC exhibition centre, staying until the very last fan was served.


On the one hand, that's very generous of Levi and Baldwin. On the other, they'd really better hope that the show gets picked up for another season if they're going to keep pulling stunts like that in future; $5 footlongs may seem like a bargain at first, but not when you're buying 400 of them at a time.

Chuck's season finale airs on NBC tonight at 8pm.

Chuck stars lead 400 fans to Subway to save show [End of Show]

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The idea that the future for shows like this, Terminator, Fringe, and Dollhouse are in jeopardy while many other horrible shows are automatically renewed makes me sad and not very hopeful for TV. I'm fairly certain "Ow My Balls" - the TV show from Idiocracy - will be making its debut in the near future.