Sarah Connor's Time-Traveling Booty Call, And Other Great Terminator Spoofs

Learn why the T-800 has an Austrian accent, hear the T4 theme music ukulele-style, and find out the real reason Kyle Reese went back in time. Here is collection of great Terminator spoofs, tributes and YouTube skits.

Sexin' Up Sarah Connor:
Handjobs For The Future

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Terminator Ukulele Soundtrack:


Why Terminators Travel Back In Time Naked:

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Terminator And Jesus (Oldie But A Goodie)

Family Guy On Christian Bale

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Corpore Metal

Alright, it's official. IO9 now owes me an orange juice because I spit mine up on hearing that Austrian accent in the first one. Not merely funny but ultrafunny!

The ukulele one was actually really well orchestrated. It had sort of a tango/rumba feel going on. (It might have been funnier though if they just paid a street musician to bash it out on his uke.)