New Wonder Woman Comic To Confront Her Bondage Past

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Looking for a comic to return Wonder Woman to her bondage roots, and then redefine her feminist credentials? Final Crisis and Batman and Robin writer Grant Morrison claims to be working on that very book, just for you.


During his LA appearance with Clive Barker earlier this week, Morrison admitted that Wonder Woman had disappeared from Final Crisis midway through the series, although he had a good reason why:

[The ideas] went into a different project with Wonder Woman... The basics of Wonder Woman come from William Moulton Marston, a psychologist who created the lie detector, of all things. His idea was that a utopia would be achieved if men were placed in subjugation to women. So, Wonder Woman is a character where you imagine this very strange mélange of girl power, bondage, and a slightly disturbed sexuality. There is this bondage element; these extremely weird dark elements of Wonder Woman haven't been adequately dealt with. Wonder Woman remains a really bizarre, untouchable character. She should represent women in the same way Superman represents men.


The project - all detail of which, including release date, format, artist and (most importantly) whether or not DC have greenlit it - has a simple mission statement, according to the author:

To make it work, to give [Wonder Woman] a sexuality that isn't exploitive, because that's too easy; but also to give her a [narrative] power.

Well, it's definitely better than her calling men "sperm bank," I guess.

Grant Morrison & Clive Barker Meltdown Hollywood [Comic Book Resources]


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DC keeps saying Wonder Woman's name in the same breath as Superman and Batman as to indicate that they are on the same level of importance and brand popularity (ie. 'The Trinity'), but fact of the matter is, WW does not get the same level of exposure or popularity as those two, and is not even close to having as expansive a catalog of iconic/benchmark stories either.

She pretty much only has 1 ongoing title to her name compared

to Superman who has about 3 dedicated ongoing series right now, and Batman has at least half a dozen, not counting the periodical one-shots or minis that come out every year for both of them.

DC really needs to start putting the metal to the WW property, maybe starting with an 'event' ala GL's Blackest Night that covers the enitre DC universe, but allows her to shoulder the majority of the burden storywise.