Discover The Final Fate Of The Middleman, With The Season Finale Reenactment Emergency!

Where have all the great heroes gone? We got a chance to see the Middleman, ABC Family's gone-too-soon superhero, one more time at SDCC, as the cast read the script for the unfilmed season finale. And now the video's online.

The Comic Con video of the "Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse" table read is a poor substitute for getting the actual episode, but at least now you get to hear some of that fantastic dialogue coming out of the mouths of the actors, the way it was meant to. Our favorite moment: Manservant Neville (Mark Sheppard) growls, "My plan is sheer elegance in its draconian complexity!" (Take that, Guy Goddard!). And of course, if the video's not enough for you, the whole thing has been released as a graphic novel as well.


The whole thing is on YouTube, and the playlist of all the segments is here.

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