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Peter Jackson Explains How To Make Murder Beautiful

Illustration for article titled Peter Jackson Explains How To Make Murder Beautiful

Lovely Bones director Peter Jackson takes us behind the scenes of his new movie, about the ghost of a murdered young girl caught between desiring vengeance and peace. How do you make a movie about something so terrible this beautiful?


You may also remember the little actress Saoirse Ronan for being able to hold her own next to Bill Murray in The City of Ember. She's becoming a major powerhouse, and her unique look is becoming mesmerizing. Besides that ship-in-a-bottle seaside purgatory, the other major source of excitement in this new trailer is Stanley Tucci's character. Tucci really knows how to commit to a character, so he's sure to bring the full-on skeeve. Heck, he's already bringing it, with his creeper haircut:

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Chris Braak

Half this movie takes place at my high school.

Also: I love Saoirse Ronan.

Also: this looks way more amazing than I thought it would.