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Bruce Willis Likes His Blonde Robots When They're Bad

It's high time for the return of the great science-fiction B movie, and who better to usher it in than Fifth Element bad boy Bruce Willis himself? Watch Bruce freak out over his robot problem in Surrogates.

There are only two people I want around me when the world ends, and that's Bruce Willis and Will Smith. In the latest clip/interview from Disney's Surrogates Bruce Willis demonstrates exactly why. Surrogates will be out this Friday.


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I dunno, if some major disaster were to occur, I think I'd want Arnold on my side.

I mean, this is a man that ripped a phone booth out of a concrete floor to scare the man inside, tore a seat out of a convertible, crashes through windows to make an entrance, can throw buzz saws through men's skulls, and threw a pipe clean through a man's chest.