Mad Men/Buffy Writer Bringing Back Fright Night

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In May we railed against the news that Hollywood would be remaking classic 80s vampire flick Fright Night. But news that Marti Noxon, Mad Men writer and former Buffy showrunner, will pen the script has given us hope.

THR broke the news of Noxon's involvement, and also revealed that...

The new version will keep the comedy-horror tone while modernizing the effects.

Keeping the tone sounds good, but it would be a shame to lose the campy horror of the original movie's long-fingered prosthetics.


Noxon wrote 22 episodes on Buffy episode including "Villains," where Willow goes bezerk and rips off Warren's skin — a very special episode indeed. She was also the producer on Buffy for the end seasons and worked on Mad Men, writing ""The Inheritance" and serving as a consulting producer. So perhaps there's hope for this film yet — especially since the entire project was almost dumped a few months ago because they didn't think they could get the script to work. That shows some kind of dedication to getting it right, which in itself gives us a tiny cause for optimism.

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Jane, you ignorant slut.

Okay, on the one hand, I hate you because clicking on this link reminded me about the awfulness that is Marti Noxon. On the other hand, you have inspired me to search out a "Peggy Olson the Vampire Slayer" fanfic. Someone has to have written this. #frightnight