The First Space Butterfly Takes a Test Flight

Yesterday a Painted Lady butterfly emerged from its chrysalis and flapped its wings - in microgravity on the International Space Station. It was the first butterfly to be born and survive in microgravity.

In this awesome movie, where the butterfly flaps around in its cage with a floating chrysalis, you can see the future of elementary school experiments. This video is one in a series produced for elementary school classes whose students are growing their own butterflies - now, they get to compare their results with the insects' space-going counterparts.


Discovery News writes: BioServe Space Technologies and the University of Colorado [work with] students on the ground to follow the progress of the orbiting creatures. The school kids can then compare the development of butterflies in the classroom with their orbiting cousins.

Butterflies In Space experiment via Discovery News

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That is very cool.

I feel like this will be the basis for Lady Gaga's next video.