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Tinkercell Takes The Mess Out've Genetic Tinkering

Illustration for article titled Tinkercell Takes The Mess Outve Genetic Tinkering

Want to find out how to alter genetic make-up without all the potential messy after-effects? You're in luck: There's an app for that. Or, at least, a CAD system. Meet Tinkercell.


Tinkercell was designed by a team from the University of Washington in Seattle led by Deepak Chandran to, according to New Scientist,

allow them to redesign the stuff of life much faster and more easily... The package has a library of the components of life, from which users can pick different cells, membrane proteins, fluorescent proteins, enzymes and genes to create their organism. Tinkercell can then simulate the life form to see if it functions as expected.


It's like the Garageband for genetic experimentation. We look forward to the Guitar Hero version.

Computer-aided design for life itself [New Scientist]

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This doubles, nay triples, the number of genetic experiments I can carry out on my little sister. I can now finally figure out how to remove that unfortunate tail she grew after the last experiment...