MTV Launches "Dawn of the Dead" Show With Dual-Speed Zombies

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MTV has just announced plans to create a TV series based loosely on George Romero's classic Dawn of the Dead. And they're dodging the "fast or slow" question by doing both: The zombies will start fast, but decay into slow.


No word on when the show is set to launch, but Slashfilm reports that more news should be coming soon.

MTV isn't the first to try its hand at a zombie TV series. AMC has Frank Darabont working on a series that will be an adaptation of the post-apocalyptic comic The Walking Dead. That show is about a small group who have survived a zombie meltdown and are trying to find a place to live that's safe from the legions of shambling flesh-eaters.


Back in 2007, a group tried to launch a zombie series called Alive with a series of PSAs. Sadly that show never hit the small screen.

Also in 2007, CBS commissioned a pilot for a show called Babylon Fields, which was about a small town adjusting to the zombies in their midst. This was a show I was really looking forward to, and still feel twinges of bitter disappointment that it wasn't made. Apparently some of the show's themes freaked CBS out, including the fact that there were human/zombie couples, which suggested necrophilia. Here's the pilot:

Possibly the only successful zombie series to date is the 2009 British miniseries Dead Set, about a group of people on the locked-down set of a reality TV series (Big Brother) who discover they are the only survivors of a zombie apocalypse.


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