When Hippies and Satanists Have Blood Orgies [NSFW]

Sometimes a freewheeling group of hippies gets hopped up on acid and booze, and runs across a group of Satanic monks dressed in black hoods. Then of course the Satanists drug them with blood and get out the Satanic dildo.

How I love the movie Werewolves On Wheels. Let me count the ways.

It was made in 1971, and is obviously a low-budget ripoff of the already-low-budget classic Easy Rider, which had just come out a few years before, basically launching the careers of Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper. Therefore, in hommage, the movie is full of looooooooong scenes where a gang of hippies rides through the desert and harasses local gas station owners. And hippies getting stoned. And hippies running around naked, with trippy guitar noises in the background.

There is actually a scene where the hippies get into a fist fight with the robed monks. It's like a music video from Goblin Cock. But before the fist fight, there is an even more amazing scene where the monks have their wacky ritual and get one of the hippie chicks to become "the bride of Satan." Which seems to mean she writhes around with a snake and is vaguely menaced with a giant multi-headed Satan dildo.

But the hippies don't really believe there's been an actual Satanic moment. They think the monks were just "really horny," and they "dig their scene." They like it so much that two of the hippies jokingly recreate the Satanic ritual, with the lady yelling "Oh rape me Satan, rape me!" Behold the madness:

Only one hippie dude really gets it, man. He knows Satan is involved. So he explains it to his friends, pointing out, "It was heavy. Somebody's controlling the vibes."


Also, to justify the title, there are a few moments with werewolf-esque hairy creatures at the end of the movie. For pretty much no reason, though presumably it has something to do with the Satanic monks. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it feels like somebody spliced in a scene with werewolves because some poor hack pitched "Easy Rider crossed with Wolf-man!"

Here is the most awesome thing: This entire movie is available for free, for your complete and total enjoyment, on AMC's new BMC B-movie site. (It may not work outside the US unfortunately.) You can catch the hippie vs. monk scene, as well as a small but great collection of classic B movies from the mid-twentieth century. Prepare for Neptune Men.


Werewolves On Wheels via AMC BMC site

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Annalee, I had no idea that future martial arts movie legend Sonny Chiba was Space Chief in "Invasion of the Neptune Men". Coupled with the movie's MST3K stamp of approval, it's awful awesomeness is off the charts.

And, if I may make a suggestion, be sure the check out Fiend Without a Face.