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Does Lost's New Code Spell Out The End?

Illustration for article titled Does Losts New Code Spell Out The End?

Love Lost but bored by the numbers? A new code has been released online that claims to explain the end of the series . . . if you make the right choices. Potential spoilers!


The code appeared on the Twitter of Lost site Dark UFO on Friday:

626110432547f398491fad32d6add11b #lost

followed by the explanation, "Crack that code and you'll know the end of LOST ;)" Unsurprisingly, the internet took that as a challenge and raced to meet it, and at least two different decoded messages being claimed to be contained therein. Does "Six numbers lost, six billion saved" sound like the right answer? If not, then maybe you prefer "It ends where it began." If neither of these sound right to you, feel free to try to crack the code yourself. Maybe there are multiple messages in there, just to mess with people's minds.


Lost airs on ABC Tuesday nights at 9pm.

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I don't think it's one of those A=1 and B=2 codes. I think it's more of a book code. Like for example, the first three numbers 626 can be made into Book 6 of the Bible, 1 Samuel and then chapter two, verse 6. Which reads;

The Lord brings death and makes alive; he brings down to the grave and raises up.

Which is a very LOSTish quote considering how the dead and living always seem to mix on this show. And it wouldn't be the first time the show has quoted from the Bible. Nor the second or even the third.

Perhaps the rest are quotes from other books that have been mentioned in the series. The question is which one. The writers said King's The Stand was a huge influence on this show. Does any one have a copy so they can see if they can pull any quotes using the code?