Connie Willis' Next Story: A Robot Who Wants To Be A Rockette

You might think you generate a lot of scrap-paper, but you're nowhere near as scribble-prolific as Blackout author Connie Willis. She just donated 36 containers, with 128,000 pieces of paper, to a university. And they may soon be online.


Willis has donated all of her papers to the University of Northern Colorado, in her hometown of Greeley. These are the results of her daily habit of spending hours in the local Starbucks, poring over piles of papers. According to the Greeley Tribune:

She writes and re-writes and then scratches out all those notes before scribbling in a few more thoughts in the margin. She's filled "thousands" of notebooks over the years - leaving her to rush the shelves of Target every August for back-to-school specials.

Much of her creative process, she said, simply involves research.

Adds Willis:

You're really writing very thoughtful stories about the big questions but using science and the future, the past, time travel, robots, aliens, technology to tell those stories... I could keep on researching forever and not write. The writing part is the hard part for me.

We can't wait for the Connie Willis archive to turn up online. She also gave the local paper tantalizing hints about two of her upcoming projects:

Her next short story will involve a robot vying to be a Rockette. And while she's spurned the idea of a book based solely on spaceship adventures, she's contemplating a romantic comedy about aliens visiting Roswell, N.M.

We wonder if the robot chorus line will look anything like the Korean one, in the video above.



Robot Santa would be pleased!