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Kevin McKidd Wishes He Were A Sexy Centaur

Illustration for article titled Kevin McKidd Wishes He Were A Sexy Centaur

We hit up Poseidon himself, Kevin McKidd, from the Percy Jackson and The Olympians film, and quizzed him about bringing the fantasy books to life. We also gave him a complex about the sexiest of the cloven-hoofed beasts: the centaurs.


In the film Percy Jackson a demi-god children live amongst secret mythical creatures that are their protectors, Pierce Brosnan is one of these creatures. He's in a wheelchair on Earth, but in the mythical realm he's really a leather-breasted, long-haired centaur. Thus reaffirming the stereotype that all centaurs have to be sexy beasts. We asked resident sea god and fantastic actor Kevin McKidd about this common four-legged occurrence, along with a few other Percy questions.

Why do you think you make a great Poseidon?

McKidd: You know, you'll have to ask Chris Columbus [the director] that. Maybe I look good wet? I don't know, maybe being British helps people believe that I'm a God. I know that the outfit that I wore, because I spent a lot of time in Roman gear [in the tv series Rome], I felt very at home in it.


What was the best part about being a God on set?

The feeling of immortality, you can't beat that.

Were you a fan of the book series?

My son's a big fan, he's read all five books twice. Which I think is a testament to how good these books are to young readers.

Do you think you'll start doing more urban fantasy because of this film?

I don't know. My only kind of plan in this business, so far, is to keep changing. Never get pinned down in one genre. So I'm committed to doing this as a series. If we do sequels. But I don't know if that means I'll end up doing [more] of this genre. I like to keep shifting the goal posts, you know what I mean?


Well I think it might be time for you to go back to science fiction. We've missed you since Journeyman.

Ya think? I leaned off the science fiction for a little while. It might be time for some more. But I love it...I enjoy scifi. I was the biggest Star Trek fan — the original — for years.


From what I can see, you look great on screen, but Pierce [Brosnan] is really churning it out with the centaur look. What is it about centaurs that are just so sexy?

I don't know I haven't seen the movie, so I'll let you know afterwards. But I don't know, it's that whole having-four-legs thing. Havin' the four legs and the hooves. The hooves help. I don't have hooves, so... So I can't, it's really no competition really. I'm hooveless. It would behoove me to have hooves.


All the centaurs we've seen are these rippling shirtless things riding through the jungle or the forrest. It's kind of like a stereotype almost, for other centaurs. You have to be really hot.

Maybe I should have been a centaur, wow. Now you're giving me a complex about being Poseidon.


But wait — Brosnan isn't the only creature with hooves in the feature, there's more. We don't want to spoil everything for you, so beware this clip from the film contains another awesomely hooved reveal.


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Is that you Meredith? You sound like you're twelve! (No offense—honestly.)

Also, I don't think you did nearly enough pushing for Journeyman. Anything short of on the floor groveling isn't enough pushing for more Journeyman.