Another Look At Literary Irish Ghost Story "The Eclipse"

A few weeks ago we told you about beautiful Irish ghost story The Eclipse. Now we've got an exclusive clip from the film, which captures its quiet intensity.


Coming out in the States via VOD and streaming Amazon video this Friday, The Eclipse has already garnered rave reviews in Ireland. At the Irish Film and TV Awards, it won for Best Irish Film, Best Script (Conor McPherson and Billy Roche), and Best Supporting Actor (Aidan Quinn).

The Eclipse is the story of Michael (Ciarán Hinds), a man who has lost his wife and is struggling to deal with the loss while raising their children. When a literary festival comes to his small seaside town, he volunteers to be the escort for a visiting author. The two of them discover that they both have a passion for ghosts - and each other. Unfortunately, another author (Aidan Quinn) forms the volatile third person in what becomes a troubled romantic triangle.


In this clip, Michael encounters what he believes may be a ghost in his house.

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Wow, talk about a slow build-up. Although the long silence definitely made the piano discord a little more freaky when it started.