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Kristen Wiig Describes Simon Pegg's Tribute To Star Wars' Cantina Scene

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We're dying for more information about Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's alien-encounter comedy Paul, especially now that it's been delayed. Luckily, we cornered co-star Kristen Wiig, and mind-probed her to learn more about the film's science-fictional in-jokes.


During a roundtable discussion for her next film MacGruber at SXSW, Kristen Wiig shared a tiny Paul moment, that already has excited. It's no secret that writers Frost and Pegg are massive genre geeks. And this film, about two comic book nerds on a road trip to San Diego Comic Con who pick up an alien along the way, is packed with genre in-jokes. And if what Wiig shared is typical of the rest of the film, there should be plenty more nods to classic science fiction.

What kind of character do you get to play in Paul?

I play a girl who lives with a very sort of controlling, very Christian religious father and I don't believe in evolution or any of that stuff. So when I finally see Paul, the alien, I kind of freak out, and question what God is, and all that stuff.


Are you up on all the science fiction references that Simon and Nick do?

Some of them, yes. There's a scene in a bar where they are actually playing the Star Wars bar song, [The Cantina Scene]. But it's a country version so it's sort of slow — so you need to kind of already know that. But a lot of people who knew it were like, "oh my God!" But I didn't really.

Illustration for article titled Kristen Wiig Describes Simon Peggs Tribute To Star Wars Cantina Scene

In other Paul news, Simon Pegg shared a bit of sad and a bit of happy news recently. The good news is Casino Royale composer David Arnold will be scoring the film. Which isn't a massive surprise, since he's scored many of Pegg's previous films. But the sad news was tweeted not so long ago:

Due to an extensive post production schedule you won't be seeing our little desert caper any time soon. Rest assured it will be worth it.


People are speculating that the feature could be pushed back as far as 2011. But no date has been set yet, and until the directors share any more, we'll have to make do with their last video blog from the set, which has the two of them camped out in front of a staged Comic Con — and it looks like Frost made it to the traditional slave girl Leia photo shoot.

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Craig Michael Ranapia

I would pay good money to see Nick Frost in a tin foil man-kini and a thong. Because I'm just bent that way.