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The io9 Guide To May Science Fiction Awesomeness

Illustration for article titled The io9 Guide To May Science Fiction Awesomeness

What's May have in store for you? Iron Man 2, the season finales of a ton of shows (including Lost!), and more conventions than you can shake a May Pole at!


You can download the May calender as a printable PDF by clicking here.

And here are this month's convention links:

- No Brand Con
- Animania Festival Brisbane
- Bak-Anime
- Animefest
- Animeland Makiba
- SVSCon
- Constume Con
- DoujiCon
- Hanami
- Anime Central
- JapAniManga Night
- JAMPcon
- Otafest
- ImagiCon
- Anime Oasis
- Phoenix Comicon
- NakamaCon
- RAWR Party Con
- Animazement
- Anime North
- FanimeCon
- London Movie Comic & Media Expo
- Cape Comic Con
- Bronx Heroes Comic Con
- Atlanta Comic Convention
- Hickory Con
- North East Comic-Con
- Motor City Comic Con
- ComiCONN
- Fanaticon
- Lehigh Valley Comic Con
- VA Comicon
- AdventureCon
- Los Angeles Rock'n Comic Con
- Florida Battle Con


Got any nifty events you'd like us to include for this month or June's calendar? Drop a line to

Awesome design and layout by Stephanie Fox, and thanks to David Daw and his epic research skills.

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I'll probably see Robin Hood. I loved Gladiator.