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Vampire Eric joins Peter Berg’s Battleship

Illustration for article titled Vampire Eric joins Peter Berg’s Battleship

Alexander Skarsgard has traded vampire yahtzee for Battleship, by joining Peter Berg's epic alien-war film. We've seen him, fly, bite and bang Estonian strippers — now we will watch him fight alien invaders from the sky!


Heat Vision broke the news that Skarsgard will be joining the film's lead, Taylor Kitsch. And from the description of his role it seems like these two characters will be linked by blood.

Skarsgard will play Kitsch's brother, a straight and narrow naval officer whom Kitsch, a wildly spirited naval officer, idolizes.

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I actually like the premise of this film. You can read more here: []

Reminds a lot of two of John Ringo's books, one being in the Aldenata series where the Big Mo is refitted with alien tech to fight the invading ground-based Posleen and the other was Claws that Catch where a US sub is again retrofitted with alien tech to create a FTL warship. This could be good!