The Year in Concept Art: From Iron Man 2 to Tron

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We've already appreciated some of the incredible movie concept art from years past. But there's plenty of gorgeous design work coming out from the movies of 2010. Here's our tribute to the artists who are making today's films beautiful.


Troublemaker studios released these Predator pics when they debuted their trailer and footage at SXSW. While most people were excited for the Predator Hounds, we're much more taken by the Predator bugs.


Prince of Persia

It's a shame that the Prince of Persiafilm wasn't as epic as its concept art. Look at this world, incredible! The images, created by Julian Caldow, Lauret Beauvallet, Kim Frederiksen, Peter Popken and Neil Ross, are from Concept Design Works. And the visual guide to the film Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: Visual Guide.

Iron Man 2

In our interview with Art by Ryan Meinerding he was kind enough to share a few images from the Iron Man 2 film, including our favorite, the suitcase armor! But we haven't forgotten Phil Saunders' amazing underwater Iron Man concept art as well!


All images copyright Marvel Studios.

Toy Story 3

It's no secret Pixar agonizes over their films, they'll spend years getting a story line "just right." Looking at the many different cartoon images, blurry painted light frames, sketches and scribbles, it's pretty amazing to see the attention to detail and how everything gels into one multidimensional character. Here are a few pics from Hey You Guys, and they have a plenty more at their site.


The Last Airbender

USA Today ran a great piece about all the hard work behind the Airbender film. And these images grabbed from a very early sizzle reel via a Last Airbender blog showed that the studio always had big dreams for the landscapes and nations in the Airbending verse. We can't wait to see it on the big screen.

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Tron Legacy

It's hard not to look at the Tron Legacy concept art without drooling on your keyboard. Disney went all out to truly re-imagine the digital world of the programs. Most of these design were discovered after chasing down one of Disney's many viral advertisements hidden in Encom's Space Paranoids Online game, and at Hello Flynn. While we normally loathe running all over the internet for a keychain, these images are worth it.


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