Michel Gondry's next science fiction film could show us a future Earth

While chatting with Michel Gondry about all things Green Hornet we asked him when he was doing a space movie. Gondry said he'd love to, but his next movie takes place on Earth - in the future.


We'd love to see you attack a space film. We'd love to see what you'd do [shooting] actual outer space? Do you have any plans to...?

I would like to do a science fiction film, using my techniques and my camera techniques and not too much blue screen.

So are you doing any more science fiction projects?

I'm working on some projects, but I can't tell now - there are two different things, and I'm not sure what direction I'm going to take it.

Is it scifi?


Is it in space?

No, but there could be a little bit of space. It's not space, on the Earth. I'm very intrigued with how the Earth will look in the future.



What he said!