Australian motorists driving 110 mph to summon ghostly motorcyclist

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Speed demons have been tearing down Lemon Tree Passage Road near Newcastle, Australia to summon a motorcycling apparition. The motorcyclist was killed by a speeder in 2007, and police are plenty miffed about these high-speed seances.


From The Daily Telegraph:

Some locals are convinced the light is that of the motorcyclist's ghost, in pursuit of people who drive dangerously.

It might sound far-fetched but speeding to summon the ghost has become such a concern that police have issued a warning about the behaviour.

"It's alleged that if you drive at speed in a manner dangerous, a bright white light comes in behind you and that's what they are calling the Lemon Tree Passage ghost,'' a police spokeswoman said [...] "We want speeding drivers to know that the only bright light they'll be seeing in their rear windows will be the red and blue lights of a police car."

You tell 'em, police representative. Here's one of several Youtube videos of the quaintly named Lemon Tree Passage ghost. Barring the camera operator's peals of profanity, there's not much to see here. My hat is tipped to this Down Under Ghost Rider for enforcing speed limits, but are spectral beings qualified to enact a citizen's arrest?



Did someone say Ghost Writer?