The romance of chivalrous knights is something that has enthralled people for thousands of years—from legends of old, to everyone secretly wanting to be Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones. It’s hard to encapsulate it all, but this new anthology, spearheaded by Annie Stoll and Kevin Jay Stanton, aims to try.

Currently seeking funds in Kickstarter, 1001 Knights plans to gather over 250 artists, including Steven Sugar, Ryan North, Molly Ostertag, Kekai Kotaki, and many more, across three volumes (titled Courage, Wisdom, and Fellowship, respectively) to create stories told through comics, prose, illustration and poetry about the romantic mythos behind knighthood. It also promises to cover those themes with feminist ideals in mind, promoting itself as “people-positive” portrayals of the characteristics that define that iconic knightly imagery. That probably means lots of amazing art and stories about dashing looking people in fancy armor, regardless of gender, race, or what have you.


Let’s be honest, that sounds pretty awesome. Also awesome? The art. Look at these goddamn books, people.

I want a whole bookshelf of them. Or two! Surrounding a flaming hearth and a nice chair. If you want to back 1001 Knights, you can head on over to its Kickstarter page—there’s still 24 days to back the project, ahead of its eventual release in March and July.

Header Image Credit: Annie Stoll via Twitter


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