Crank 2 picks up the "Jason Statham must keep his adrenaline up or die" premise of the original Crank, and adds a lunacy factor of 100. In the sequel to the Speed clone, Statham's "nearly indestructible" heart has been replaced with a battery-powered artificial ticker, which he has to keep zapping with electricity, or it'll run down. The sequel will also delve into the character's childhood, and what makes him such a maniac.

Did you even know they were making a second Crank movie? Me neither.

Crank 2's villain is Hu Dong, a 100-year-old Chinese gangster who steals Chev's super-heart to rejuvenate himself and become "as horny as a teenager." Two Chinese doctors perform the heart transplant on Chev, although it's not clear why they bother to give him an artificial heart. They wrongly believe that Chev is too heavily sedated to cause trouble, so they decide to harvest his testicles as well — at which point Chev wakes up and kills them. At one point, Chev finds a 65-year-old woman at the race track and rubs against her to get "static electricity back into his system." She later "delightedly and profanely" relives the moment on live TV.


Meanwhile, Chev's cowardly physician, Dr. Ankleson (pictured above), has an irritable female therapist who orders him "off the couch and back to reality," with disastrous results.

And yes, the film will give us deep insights into who Chev really is, deep down in the heart he no longer has. A casting notice seeks people to play:

  • Chev as a young boy
  • a campy talk-show host who interviews the young Chev and Chev's mom
  • a baffled detective who tries to understand the bond between Chev and his girlfriend Eve, and
  • a young (possibly naked) stripper who's in the back of a car which Chev and Eve steal.


Okay, so maybe that last one doesn't have much to do with exploring Chev's character. [Spoiler TV]