Marvel omnibuses are jam-packed with story, large enough for the coffee table, and heavy enough to incapacitate burglars. This week, Marvel drops Volume 2 of old-school Invincible Iron Man yarns, and a new arc from Matt Fraction's Iron Man run.

In anticipation of Iron Man 2, Marvel is going whole hog this week with a slew of Tony Stark-related titles. First off, there's the aforementioned omnibus, which chronicles Stan Lee and Archie Goodwin's classic Iron Man tales featuring the Mandarin, Crimson Dynamo, and the Hulk. It's MY PICK OF THE WEEK, but a Franklin is a lot to drop on a comic book, even if said comic book - if lobbed hard enough - could put an adult in a coma.


Fortunately, there are several other excellent Iron projects out this week for the thriftier consumer. There's a new arc on Matt Fraction's Iron Man ("Resilient," which promises to showcase Tony's new armor) and the debut of Iron Man 2 Public Identity #1 by Joe Casey and Justin Theroux (it's set in the Iron Man movie's universe).

What other noteworthy titles are lined up? Voila!

- Northlanders 27, Scalped 37, and Unknown Soldier 19 (DC/Vertigo): A trio of three of the grimiest dramas Vertigo has to offer. Northlanders is grimy viking drama, Scalped is grimy crime drama, and Unknown Soldier is grimy war/espionage drama with mainstream DC roots. These titles have been operating at a high level of quality control throughout their runs and are grimy, grimy, grimy.


- Ultimate Comics Avengers II 1 (Marvel): The last series ended on a whimper (the battle with Red Skull and the Cosmic Cube seemed like a rehash of the "Evil Doctor" battle from Millar's run on The Authority), but the notion of the Punisher joining the Ultimates seems like the sacrilegious kick in the pants this series needs.

- Captain America 605 (Marvel): We talked to Ed Brubaker last weekend about the evil Jim Nabors Cap. Let's see Bucky Cap bring the star-spangled pain.


- Thor 609: If you enjoyed Kieron Gillen's Siege: Loki one-shot, check out his run on the main Thor series.

- Walking Dead 71 (Image): Robert Kirkman's stalwart zombies series returns after a slight delay. How does Carl, the hardest kid alive, adjust to Halloween? Looks like we'll find out.


- Incorruptible 5 (BOOM!): Mark Waid's pragmatist supervillain saga tells the origin of Jailbait, the most evil statutory seductress in comicdom. Ick.

- A-Team War Stories Murdock 1: It's Chuck Dixon (who I will forever tip my hat to for Alien Legion) writing military action in the A-Team. Worth a peep.

- Wonder Woman 43 (DC Comics): Gail Simone teams up with her Secret Six illustrator, Nicola Scott


- Stumptown 3 (Oni Press): Greg Rucka's creator-owned follow-up to Queen and Country continues.

As far as trade paperbacks go, we have big robot action in Rick Remender's Gigantic (Dark Horse, with vibrant, splashy Eric Nguyen art, left), Ben Templesmith's Wormwood Gentleman Corpse: It Only Hurts When I Pee hardcover (IDW, the 30 Days of Night illustrator tackles demented leprechaun fantasy), and Iron Man: Deadly Solutions, a collection of 1998 Iron Man yarns.


Need to find the rest of this week's releases or your local comic store? Click here for the former and here for the latter. Happy reading, gang!