10 Worst Moments In 2008's Science Fiction TV

Ever seen a man give birth to a giant fart in the name of science, a deaf severed head seeking revenge, or an episode of Heroes? They're among this year's worst TV moments.

True Blood - Dirt Sex - Fourth Man In The Fire
They are seriously having sex while he is covered in dirt, everywhere. I don't know what kind of medicine to even prescribe for that infection you know she's going to get.

Smallville - Maxima Super Slut - "Instinct"
Maxmia is really needy and quite ridiculous. Withing five seconds of meeting, they're already on to lame elevator sex but, uh oh — guess who pops by.

Torchwood - We Stare Dramatically - "Meat"
Oh my this is just bad acting, full of lip biting and staring. I've never heard anyone say TOMORROW so sternly and yet so full of sadness.


Fringe - Peter Takes Requests (But Not Really) - "Ghost Network"
Oh I so could have done without the entire piano shtick. We really didn't need to turn Walter's lab into a piano bar.

Scream Queens - Is Deaf Voice Funny?
This reality TV show is amazing especially when they decide to do their decapitated head character as a deaf woman.

Heroes - Claire's Death - "The Eclipse Part 2"
This is only really annoying because she didn't die.

Knight Rider - The Car's On Fire, So Let's Get Naked - "A Knight In Shining Armor"
Excuse Number 1,0001 for what's-his-face to get naked, then they pass out naked!


Dr. Who - Annoying Daughter - The Doctor's Daughter
I did not like the Doctor's daughter Jenny, at all. And I especially didn't like it when she came back from the dead. Let me explain some more, it's not because she's "prettier" than, well, everyone in the world in the blond and sweet way, it's because I do not understand where the attachment came from. Why should we care about someone who was so quickly generated and then exterminated? She didn't pull on my heartstrings in the right way.

Heroes - Sylar's Mama Is Disturbing - "A Second Coming"
This mom on son cheek stroking is so disturbing


Testees - Fart Baby - "Gas Pill"
Two idiot human guinea pigs think that they are "pregnant" from a pill they start taking, and give birth to a giant fart. Worst scene in 2008.

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Jeez Mere... catty much?

And Jenny was awesome, but I can see where you might be intimidated by an attractive and powerful female character who gets out of tough situations with brains as well as brawn.

Gotta agree with you on the cheerleader though. The writers have utterly destroyed the most interesting character of the series. Not sure if even Fuller can save her now. Hmm.. Save the cheerleader, Save the series?