10 things we discovered about Green Lantern at Comic Con today!

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Test pilot Hal Jordan received a super-powered magic ring from outer space, and attendees at Comic Con got their first glimpse of footage from the Green Lantern movie. Here are 10 awesome Lantern details we discovered.

1) The movie will look awesome. At least judging by the first footage that was shown at the panel. It was pretty short, but then again, the film's just started filming. We start out with a vision of green light, and a voiceover of Sinestro saying "Greetings, inhabitants of Sector 2814," and telling us the green light will glow if we will it. We have to be tested before we can be recruited, and this involves seeing if we can control the green energy. And then the light explodes, and we see Ryan Reynolds trying to control it - and getting his ass kicked a whole bunch of different ways. Reynolds recites the famous Green Lantern oath. We glimpse Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, and Tomar Re, an alien Green Lantern, as well as Hector Hammond turning into a monster. Reynolds learns how to create a giant green fist and uses it to clobber three thugs at once. And we see a sneak peek of Oa, which is a rocky landscape full of volcanos, all bathed in green energy. Reynolds has none of his old snarky tone from previous roles, and seems much more earnest about his superheroic duties.

2) We haven't seen Green Lantern's real, finished costume yet. The shot on the cover of Entertainment Weekly was just "a work in progress," and we haven't seen the whole thing in either case. Director Martin Campbell seemed aware of the fan backlash against the costume image, and insisted it'll look much cooler in the finished version. The black and green are a very strong motif in the costume, and they're an extension of the ring. It's like a layer of musculature, or a second skin. And this version of GL won't have any white gloves, which will be handy if he tries to eat buffalo wings after fighting Legion. (Oh, and Geoff Johns talked about trying to make a GL film 10 years ago, and having studio execs ask if Green Lantern can fight evil without the ring, because they didn't like the ring..)


3) Hector Hammond will be a freak indeed. Peter Sarsgaard says his version of the mega-cephalic supervillain will have a Size 60 hat size, and he also says Hector Hammond is "the kid that licked the battery."

4) The awesomest Green Lantern will be in the film. We will get some Kilowog, although whether he'll look like the concept art we posted a while back, we're not sure.

5) Sinestro will be a hands-on mentor. As in the comics, Sinestro (Mark Strong), the Green Lantern who later becomes a major villain, will be training Hal Jordan to be a Green Lantern - and we'll get to see Sinestro kick some ass along the way.


6) We will see Parallax! Remember Parallax, the villainous identity that Hal Jordan took in in the comics, which was later retconned to be a kind of fear monster that took control of Hal? Ryan Reynolds let slip that we'll see Parallax in the film, as a kind of physical manifestation of fear itself.

7) Every Green Lantern has his/her own special way of flying. The production is using flight rigs for the flying sequences, and each GL has a specific way of propelling him/herself, including somersaults and banking and rolling.


8) Ryan Reynolds will be a fun Hal. Reynolds says his Hal is a guy who can "tell a joke, throw a punch and kiss a girl." And director Martin Campbell says there is some humor in the film, mostly thanks to Reynolds. But Reynolds also described the character: "I saw this guy who is arrogant and cocky in the film who is given this amazing gift, and that becomes humbling for him. I thought that was a great arc for a character in a superhero film."

9) Sinestro may not be the villain of the second movie. Blake Lively, who plays Carol Ferris, says she can't wait to be a villain and kick Hal's ass in the second film. It may have just been a hope on her part, though.


10) This could be the beginning of a shared universe. At least DC's Geoff Johns hinted that was the case. He said he couldn't talk about it here - but he did say there are a couple other movie projects in the pipeline. Everything depends on how well GL's movie does, though.

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DC if you want to beat Marvel in the Superheroes Movie race, do this:

Don't make the first movie for a 'new' character be an origin movie!

Just tell a kick ass story and if you want to tell the origin later you can do it in the sequel.

Anybody else seen the 7 minute preview for DC Universe? No set up; No who is he/who is she? Just dive right into the story.