Today is April 20, a day better known as International Planetarium Laser Show and Ding Dong Appreciation Day. In honor of this momentous celebration, we bring you a bevy of fantastical characters from speculative fiction who probably smell like patchouli.

10.) Breckin Meyer in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare
Freddy's Dead was one of the crappier Nightmare on Elm Street sequels, but it did feature this memorable sequence in which Freddy Krueger offs the film's pothead using video games, Iron Butterfly, and an inexplicable Johnny Depp anti-drug PSA.

9.) The Class of Nuke 'Em High
In this 1986 Troma flick, New Jersey's Tromaville High School is conveniently located next to a leaky nuclear power plant. The student body smokes mutated weed that's growing next to the plant โ€” they subsequently develop superpowers and give birth to squirming monsters.


8.) The Great Wize Wizard from Your Highness
Your Highness, which was a love letter to such stoner stalwarts as Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, brought things full circle with a creepy toking puppet.


7.) Mayor Mitchell Hundred from Ex Machina
In Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris' comic book, Mitchell Hundred is both the mayor of New York and a former superhero who can speak with machines. Unfortunately for Hundred, the espresso makers and light bulbs and car engines of the world never shut up, so hizzoner smokes pot to silence them.

6.) The Leprechaun
Before he went to space, Warwick Davis' magical villain smoked weed in not one, but two Leprechaun flicks. In 2000's Leprechaun In The Hood, he shared a joint with Ice-T, and in 2003's Leprechaun Back 2 Da Hood he graduated to bong rips. The Leprechaun wigs me out, but he doesn't hold a nightmare-inducing candle to Darby O'Gill and the Little People.

5.) The parents from Poltergeist
Poltergeist had a strong anti-drug message. If you smoke pot responsibly and within the confines of your home, a demon from another dimension will abduct your children. It's as simple as that.


4.) Spider-Man: Fast Lane
In this 1999 PSA comic (which was one of many strange Spidey PSAs), Peter Parker is saddled with an idiot intern named Sam who gets stoned on the job. Sam (who has a regrettable soul patch) acts like he's on PCP and tries to walk off the Brooklyn Bridge, so Spider-Man must intervene and give the doofus a stern lecture.


Incidentally, Mysterio spends most of the comic trying to murder the pot-loving Hollywood star whom Sam idolizes. Hey PSA writers, when the villain of your comic is the anti-drug crusader, you're doing it wrong.

3.) Hermes Conrad from Futurama
There's a reason Planet Express' resident bureaucrat was always screaming about Manwiches...

2.) Gandalf
Sure, we can't corroborate what Mr. The Grey was actually smoking, but I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Peter Jackson made a 54-minute deleted scene about this duo's quest to the choicest Lembas bread.


1.) The Floronic Man
The Floronic Man is a minor Justice League and Batman villain, but for one glorious 1996 story arc in Shadow of the Bat, this plant-based bad guy was fiction's greatest stoner supervillain.

In the arc "Leaves of Grass," Woodrue must regenerate his body out of roughage or perish. Woodrue finds himself a bunch of marijuana plants and โ€” I couldn't make this up if I tried โ€” reconstitutes his entire body out of dank nugs.


In the 1980s, the Floronic Man battled Swamp Thing. During their fight, Woodrue was able to mimic Swamp Thing's powers and was transformed into an almighty chlorophyll deity (it was during Alan Moore's tenure on Saga of the Swamp Thing, so shit got extremely real).

After losing his godly abilities, Woodrue takes a cue from Swamp Thing and tries to save humanity from itself. What's his plan? He'll team up with Poison Ivy and get the entire planet stoned on dirt-cheap primo Kush. After the teenagers of Gotham begin acting like extras from Reefer Madness, Batman and Robin swoop in and put an end to Woodrue's pot-dealing antics. Remember, in the DC Universe, drugs are a million times more potent โ€” MDMA turns you into a serial killer and cocaine might give you incendiary powers.