From pinball-loving kidnappers to mass texts of the phrase “Plus I have micropenis,” last night’s Limitless on CBS was in top form as the funniest episode all season. I’d like to share ten of the finest moments from the glorious hour. Spoilers ahead!

1) The imposter text bomb of the copy-and-pasted lie “Plus I have micropenis,” the so-called rare medical condition, to a phonebook full of Washington’s elite when Brian posed as asshole Johnson:

2) Relatedly: “ADIC Johnson,” who’s actually a real dick:

3) The Naz-inspired 8-bit beat ‘em up video game:

4) The drug-fueled language-learning montage with the J-pop music backdrop:

5) A scene of Screw, Marry, Kill, complete with heart and knife graphics:

6) The college flashback of Brian hitting a bong super hard:

7) An evil pirate’s love of vintage pinball machines being his Achilles’ heel:

8) The Dennis-from- Jurassic Park-style troll, with a dancing Brian flashing on the screen that says “I did it for the lulz”:

9) Loretta hiding the secret documents in her tray of homemade brownies (“She’s been there since Watergate, I used to think she was Deep Throat”):

10) The Tumblr-cruising Indonesian teenager with a ham radio who saves the day with the game-changing tip:

Meanwhile, Naz and Boyle, who’ve slowly been gaining cool points with me the last few weeks, were really the stars in this episode. Naz is a badass who’s willing to be suspected of treason in order to negotiate with pirates who’ve kidnapped her niece; meanwhile, Boyle orchestrates an elaborate charade down in D.C. by pulling the wool over the eyes of a total douchebag.


This episode was also great because it’s making Brian’s already fragile position within the FBI even more delicate—especially since the entire bureau is on Brian’s side. Will they still support him once they find out the truth about his NZT immunity, and his willingness to share FBI secrets with Morra’s henchmen?

Dunno, but keep any and all ‘80s homages coming in the meantime.

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