10 Perfect Murders in Science Fiction

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People already find inventive ways to off each other in life and in fiction. The addition of aliens, rocket packs, and transporters only offers them more variety. See the ten most evil murder plots ever to come to fruition.

Before we go any further, let me advise you that the spoilers to many, many movies are about to come.

10. Anna's combo number in V

The series was short-lived and it just barely finished, but the alien queen Anna used V's brief time to shine. She reached her height in the season finale, when she outfitted her second daughter in a skin suit that looked like her first daughter Lisa's, and had the New Lisa seduce and kill the Old Lisa's boyfriend while the Old Lisa watched. As a result, Anna got a new daughter knocked up, a man dead, and an old daughter punished for trying to stage a coup. Well done, you lizardy lunatic.


9. Baron Harkonnen kills Doctor Wellington Yueh's wife in Dune

This was an off-screen murder, and not too exciting, but it wins points for its effectiveness. The House of Harkonnen kidnapped the wife of the trusted Doctor of the rival house of Atreides. They killed her, but let the Doctor believe she was still alive, blackmailed him into betraying and toppling the entire house of Atreides, and then dodged his last-ditch attempt at revenge. Well done, Harkonnen.

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8. Evil Bill & Ted kill Good Bill & Ted in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

This one is perfect because it's actually a cooperative effort. The murderers show up at the victims' door and tell them to get in a van. The victims get in the van. The murderers ask the victims to walk out to a cliff in a remote area, and the victims agree. It's only in the matter of the victims going over the cliff that there's any kind of argument. And the Evil Bill & Ted would have gotten away with it, if Death weren't horrible at playing Twister.


7. Lunar Industries kills one guy again and again in Moon

You know, to really kill a person well, sometimes you just need a big corporation. This one manages to off about 5 clones working on a remote lunar plant under the impression that they are regular people and will come back to their home on earth in 3 years. Once their three year shift ends, they get incinerated in their 'hibernation' pod, and a new clone is made. It's only when one starts hallucinating and gets into an accident that the system doesn't work. That's a decade and a half of murders with no repercussions.


6. The Operative kills Dr. Mathias in Serenity

The Operative kills a lot of people to support the evil Alliance in Serenity. That's his job. But arguably his best kill is at the beginning of the movie, when he kills the doctor who headed the project to weaponize psychic River Tam. He tells the doctor that, in Roman times, when a man had failed as completely as the doctor had, he would fall on his sword.


Doctor Mathias: "Well, unfortunately, I forgot to bring a sword."

The Operative: *produces sword*

That man can plan.

5. Leon murders Holden in Blade Runner

Ever heard the phrase 'turnabout is fair play'? This murder is a great example of it. Holden was there to test Leon in order to find out if he was a replicant. When he found out, he was going to kill Leon. Despite being a relatively simple replicant with deliberately limited mental ability, Leon managed to catch on to the fact that Holden was on to him, shoot him, and walk out. It's simple, and it works. You can't help but cheer for him, a little.

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4. Jennifer Lopez kills a murderer's Inner Child in The Cell

The Cell, while being rightly admired for its beautiful images, is one of the most preposterous movies ever made. A killer abducts women. He locks them in a cell that gradually fills up with water over the course of a day or two. Just as agents are about to arrest him, he suffers some kind of stroke that leaves him catatonic. Jennifer Lopez is a scientist who has a facility that lets people literally enter other people's minds. She goes in his brain to find clues. While in his brain, she finds that there are two 'people' an abused child - the killer during his childhood - and a psychotic monster - the killer, grown into the persona of his abuser. She can't kill the monster, but she can mercy kill the child. Which she does. In a swimming pool. Dressed as the Virgin Mary.


3. Snow kills Snow in Solaris

This is another one who pretty much got away with it. In the movie Solaris, a psychiatrist travels to a spaceship crew hovering over a distant world, to see why one member of that crew committed suicide. He finds out that the planet, Solaris, makes people from the crew's memories and minds come to life. The psychiatrist's 'person' is his ex-girlfriend, who killed herself after he left her. Other crew members have other duplicates - generally the person who means most to them in the world. The crew gets together and tries to figure out how, and if, they can get rid of these constructs. It turns out that for one member of the crew, Snow, the Most Important Person is himself. His new duplicate wants to be the only Snow, and kills the original. The other crew members have been talking with a construct the entire time, all the while trying to figure out if the constructs are really 'human' and how to kill them. That's both awkward and creepy.


2. Weyland Yutani kills all its employees in the Alien series

I'm beginning to wonder if any companies in the future don't spend all their resources trying to kill their employees. Weyland Yutani, certainly seems to. Not only did they kill the entire crew of the Nostromo sending it after one alien, they kept sending more and more people at the creatures. People, ships, settlers, prisoners, Marines, science officers, androids and dogs all died off, and Weyland Yutani was just trying to find more people to kill. Seems like they would have done better just using those people's social security numbers to ripping off their savings account, so I can only assume the motive is the pure joy of murder.

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1. The Men's Association kills every frickin' woman in the town of Stepford in The Stepford Wives.


This emphatically does not refer to the 2004 film. Instead, it's time to go back to the year 1975 when, as the tagline for the movie said, "Something strange is happening in the town of Stepford." Something certainly was. The men's association was killing off the wives of all the men, and replacing them with animatronic robots. The robots were beautiful, attentive, doting mothers, obsessive cooks and housekeepers, and had no opinions of their own. When I say "Men's Association," it might come across as an exclusive thing. In fact, Stepford was a kind of a planned community that only accepted families, and the Men's Association took in all the husbands of Stepford, so basically, the men murdered every single adult woman in that zip code and got away with it.

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Holden didn't die.

Also, I think The Prestige counts as science fiction.... the wolverine clone drowning machine was pretty impressive.