If you love world-building with your food, then you've probably visited a theme restaurant once in a while. But have you ever seen anything as weird as these ten theme restaurants?

The bathroom-themed Modern Toilet restaurant chain, Taiwan

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The hospital-themed Clinic Bar, Clarke Quay, Singapore, designed by the Dutch Concrete Architects

Unfortunately it was closed after three years in 2011.

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The Red Sea Star, an underwater restaurant, bar and observatory in Israel, 5 meters below sea level

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Two Alien-like H.R. Giger bars, based on H. R. Giger's designs, in Chur and in Château St. Germain, Gruyéres, Switzerland

You can see more of the greatest science fiction-themed bars and restaurants on Earth here.

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Do you want a 7.8 earthquake while having your meal or drink? Visit the Disaster Café in Lloret de Mar, Spain

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Donny Dirk's Zombie Den, inspired by Shaun of the Dead, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Donny Dirk's is a bar. A saloon. A drinkery. A defiant outpost of madness in a world gone sane. A rest stop for the wicked on the way to hell. Or just a place to drink your sorrows away. We're flexible." – says their official homepage.

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The haunted prison-themed The Lockup in Tokyo, Japan

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The Gothic-themed Christon Café, Tokyo, Japan

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The Kayabukiya Tavern, a sake house with a pair of Japanese macaque monkeys as waitresses in Tokyo, Japan

The Zetor Restaurant, named after the popular Czech tractor band in Helsinki, Finland

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