10 Movie Taglines That Were Straight-Up Lies (And What They Should Have Been)

We all know that trailers and posters aren't strictly truthful. They're designed to get people to see the movie, not provide an accurate representation of what you'll see when you do. But some go a little further than just gentle manipulation. Here are 10 movies whose taglines were just a straight-up lie, and what the tagline actually should have been.

Needless to say, spoilers ahead.

1. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

The Tagline: The Saga Is Complete.

Why It Was a Lie: Ignore for a second that we now know that there are going to be more movies. Ignore the subsequent video games, animated shows, novels, and comic books. The third part of a six part series does not “complete” the story. It may fill a gap, but the thing isn't "completed" until Episode VI.


What It Should Have Been: You Will Literally Never Stop Giving Us Money.

2. Prometheus

The Tagline: The Search for Our Beginning Could Lead to Our End.

Why It Was a Lie: While this gets credit for at least hedging its bets by using “could,” it’s just not true. How do we know that? Well, this was a prequel. There are six movies that take place after it. And humans aren’t wiped out at the end of any of them.


What It Should Have Been: Even Though You Know What Has To Happen, It Still Makes No Sense


3. Highlander II: The Quickening

The Tagline: It’s Time For a New Kind of Magic.

Why It Was a Lie: When you explain the premise of the original with “They’re aliens!” you can’t also claim that it’s time for magic. You have to pick one. Or you could have not made the movie at all. That would have been acceptable as well.


What It Should Have Been: This Never Happened.


4. Matrix: Revolutions

The Tagline: Everything That Has a Beginning Has an End.

Why It Was a Lie: Look, we’re not claiming that we understood everything that happened in Matrix: Revolutions. But the theme seemed to be that everything happened over and over again. It’s called “Revolutions,” which we always thought was a play on both the insurrection kind of Zion and the cycle kind of the iterations. Like a circle. Which has no beginning or end.


What It Should Have Been: At Least There’s No Rave In This One.


5. The Haunting

The Tagline: Some Houses Are Born Bad

Why It Was a Lie: First of all, houses aren’t born. Second of all, this movie goes into the background of this house a lot. And it’s not like the house sprang fully formed from Hell itself. It had awful people living in it and it absorbed the evil. And some ghosts. All of which points to the house not having been “born bad.”


What It Should Have Been: See Owen Wilson Get Decapitated!


6. X-Files

The Tagline: Fight the Future

Why It Was a Lie: This tagline was so ubiquitous the movie is actually also known as “X-Files: Fight the Future.” And yet, it makes no sense. Because, if anything, Mulder and Scully are fighting against bad decisions made by the Syndicate in the past.


What It Should Have Been: Bees. My god. or NOT THE BEES!


7. Alien v. Predator

The Tagline: Whoever Wins, We Lose.

Why It Was a Lie: Oh, Alien franchise. Here we go again. The tagline implies that humanity is doomed regardless of who wins. The movie tells us that humanity’s survival is dependent on the Predators winning. Can’t get more wrong than that.


What It Should Have Been: Trust Us, Root for the Predator.

8. Clash of the Titans

The Tagline: Titans Will Clash

Why It Was a Lie: Beyond being awful, the tagline and the title aren’t true. Not that we expected this movie to have great knowledge of Greek mythology, but there are no Titans in this movie. The Titans were the precursors to the gods of Olympus (Zeus and his ilk). No Titans appear in this movie, much less “clash.”


What It Should Have Been: Release the Kraken


9. Godzilla

The Tagline: Size Does Matter

Why It Was a Lie: A) This movie climaxes with a fight with baby (i.e. small) Godzillas. B) And humans (also small) manage to win. Next.


What It Should Have Been: Matthew Broderick Gives Godzilla a Pregnancy Test!


10. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

The Tagline: At the End of the World, the Adventure Begins

Why It Was a Lie: This was the third movie of a trilogy. The “adventure” is in no way beginning here. It’s ending. This movie was an ending. The movie before it literally ended on a cliffhanger. This movie resolved it. It followed the plot started in another movie. It was an ending. Not a beginning.


What It Should Have Been: At the End of the World, the Adventure Ends. Mostly.

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