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This fascinating behind the scenes look at Avatar is like a crash course in motion-capture, in which James Cameron breaks down his favorite scene in the film and shows you how it was created. And there’s tons of new footage.


Don’t get put off by the first two minutes, I promise you it pays off around 4:03 when you get to see a side-by-side break down of Zoe Saldana flipping out as herself, and as her alien character Neytiri. I think I’ve watched that part 30 times. Say what you will about the plot or the blue people, you can’t deny that the technology in this film is pretty impressive. Especially since Cameron can basically pick any shot he wants from any angle, and the computer will recreate the scene. But on the downside, why does Neytiri sound like Natasha from Bullwinkle? Found the youtube version for those that have trouble viewing Hulu:


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