10 minutes of behind-the-scenes Thor footage shows off the Thunder God's softer side

Watch 10 minutes of the making of Thor, and see exactly why we want to cuddle up to our new blond god. He's so sassy, and so terribly sweet around Natalie Portman. Watch the slightly spoilery footage now.

Watch this particular clip with the Norse God in full Thor attire, cradling Natalie Portmans tiny elbow in his giant armored crook. Sigh. He may be a brash young godling, but he's still got the moves. Hell even Portman giggles at his macho ways. You can see that these two have a million times more chemistry than Anakin and Padme ever had. Also, get a good look at the gorgeous New Mexico sets and jovial behind-the-scenes attitude that seeped through the film onto the screen.


Thor will be in theaters this Friday.

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James Whitbrook

It's actually perhaps even cooler having seen the movie to see how much of the Asgard sets were real, physical pieces as well as CGI. Ridiculously impressive set design there.

And yeah, Natalie Portman is quite good as Jane - as you said the Chemistry is very much apparent between her and Chris Hemsworth in the film, unlike her onscreen relationship with Hayden Christensen in AOTC and ROTS.