The way the Marvel Cinematic Universe carries on, you'd think the Tessaract is the most powerful item in existence. But as the comics reveal, the Tessaract may be impressive, but it's small potatoes compared to some other magical and alien relics. Here are 10 things from the comics that dwarf the Tessaract's power.


1) Cosmic Cube

Let's clarify something immediately: What's known as the Tessaract in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is called the Cosmic Cube in the comics universe, but although they're meant to be the same item the two are vastly different in power. Yes, in the movies the Cube can power a seemingly infinite number of Hydra weapons and it allows Loki to open a doorway across space itself to allow the Chitauri to do a little sightseeing in New York City. But the Cosmic Cube can alter reality itself. It effectively grants wishes, and almost nothing is beyond its power. It can destroy galaxies. Its wielder becomes invincible, meaning heroes inevitably have to trick the villains who are using it into getting it our of their hands. It's way, way more powerful than the Tessaract, is what I'm saying.


2) Ultimate Nullifier

The greatest weapon in the Marvel universe, the Ultimate Nullifier can destroy anything. Anything. It can destroy timelines, it can destroy an entire multiverse. It's the only thing in the universe that scares the shit out of Galactus, so that's saying something. During the recent "Age of Ultron" event, when the entire world was conquered by the insane robot and many heroes had died, Tony Stark had the Ultimate Nullifier, and never even considered using it because things still hadn't gotten bad enough.


3) The Wand of Watoomb

In all honesty, the Cinematic Universe's Tessaract has a lot more in common with the Wand of Watoomb than it does the Cosmic Cube. Like the Tessaract, the Wand can store, absorb, redirect and blast energy, and it can also open inter-dimensional portals. Just holding it gives spellcasters like Dr. Strange an extra boost of power, which you could probably argue the Tessaract also did for Loki. However, the Wand also allows its users to heal themselves, create magical barriers and locate any person, place or object in the universe, giving it the edge over the Tessaract, if only by a little


4) The Infinity Gems

In the Cinematic Universe, the Tessaract is one of the uber-powerful Infinity Stones. In the comics, the Infinity Gems are their own thing, but they are all crazy powerful. Here they are, in ROYGBIV order (minus the I):

β€’ The Power Gem β€” Contains all energy that has ever or will ever exist. Grants omnipotence.


β€’ The Time Gem β€” Allows user to exist everywhere throughout time, and control time itself, such as making people or things age.

β€’ The Reality Gem β€” Can alter reality, including the fundamental laws of the universe.

β€’ The Soul Gem β€” Can control, change and destroy souls, living or dead.

β€’ The Mind Gem β€” This gem is literally the universe' subconscious, and it gives its wielder access to every single mind in the universe.


β€’ The Space Gem β€” Allows user to exist everywhere in the universe simultaneously. Grants omnipresence.

The gems, by the way, are all pieces of the goddess who existed before the universe, and was so lonely she committed suicide. So that's kind of crazy.


5) The Evil Eye of Avalon

This artifact β€” really a wand with a big eye on the end of it, so it kind of looks like a weird flashlight β€” can rearrange molecules and disintegrate people, and allows its wielders to travel through time and space, as well as more banal tricks like energy blasts and force fields. The downside of the Evil Eye is that it can get overcharged and explode into six distinct pieces… which, if any happen to go underground, will literally fly through any amount of material (like, say, an entire planet) in order to become accessible.


6) The Casket of Ancient Winters

This little box was the macguffin of the first Thor movie, and like its comics counterpart, contained the world's worst winter inside (actually, the comic describes the casket as containing "the fury of a thousand killing winters," but who's quibbling). But besides freezing humans and Asgardians alike solid, in the comics the Cask is so powerful that winter spreads all the way to the realm of death. Meaning the Casket is so powerful it can make it snow in hell. Let's see the Tessaract manage that.


7) The M'Kraan Crystal

The Shi;ar empire, one of Marvel's three big alien races along with the Kree and the Skrulls, have taken it upon themselves to guard the large pink rock known as the M'Kraan Cryttal. Why? Well, partially because they believe it's a piece of the universe's first planet, and it contains the last city of an alien race that existed before history itself. The other reason is that the stone also has a neutron galaxy packed inside of it, and the center of this neutron galaxy contains the "nexus of all realities" and if the crystal shatters it's going to suck in all matter and anti-matter and destroy the universe itself. So it's probably worth keeping an eye on.


8) The Rings of the Mandarin

Individually, the 10 semi-magic rings worn by the terrorist mastermind known as the Mandarin are pretty crap. But combine all 10 onto the 10 fingers of the villain, and you have a pretty formidable foe. Each ring has a specific power, whether it be shooting fireballs, disintegrating things, controlling people's minds, making things explode violently, or even just rearranging something's molecules. I call them "semi-magic" because the rings were actually made by an alien race called the Axonn Karr, who used them to power their spacecraft. But no one has ever been able to figure out how they work, and since the Mandarin is the only one who can make them work, it's unlikely anyone ever will.

9) Infinity Gauntlet

Since I counted all six of the Infinity Gems as one item, it seems only fair that I count the combined group as its own entity, especially since they're part of what is arguably the most well known artifact in the Marvel universe: the Infinity Gauntlet. When Thanos collected all six Infinity Gems, he set them into a single glove and basically became a god. He killed half of the population of the entire universe with it in an instant (in order to impress his girlfriend, who is Death, it should always be added). Just by wearing the Gauntlet, Thanos' mild irritation caused Asgard's Rainbow Bridge to shatter and the entire west coast of the U.S. to sink below the sea. This was specified as 2% of the Gauntlet's power, and solely because Thanos was feeling grumpier than normal. The only limitation the Infinity Gauntlet has β€” as do all its gems β€” is that in only works in its specific universe, so it can't monkey about with multiverses (although it can still alter time to change the reality of this universe's timeline, obviously).


10) Heart of the Universe

There's only one thing more powerful than the Infinity Gauntlet, and that's the Heart of the Universe, supposedly the power of the supreme being of the Marvel universe itself. It makes the Cosmic Cube and the Infinity Gauntlet look like tinker toys in comparison. If you're wondering how that's possible, it's because while the Cube and Gauntlet are devices that give you power, the Heart turns you into power β€” you become all matter, energy, thought, etc. in the universe simultaneously. There is nothing in the Marvel universe that can stand up to its power, and all the cosmic beings and doohickeys combined couldn't make a dent in it even if they wanted to.