10 incredible traffic jam videos, from around the world

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A 10-day traffic jam may be clogging the streets of Beijing, but traffic around the world continues to toot along - or not. Take a peek at our video gallery of traffic scenes around the world, from Lagos to Saskatoon.


In Hyderabad, India, the traffic is comprised of many kinds of vehicles:

Here you can see a biker's eye view of a Moscow traffic jam. The city is famous for terrible traffic problems.

Tokyo foot traffic is actually crazier than the car traffic:

Bicycle traffic in Vietnam seems fairly peaceful, if a bit chaotic:

As the person directing traffic takes a break at this Iraqi intersection, chaos breaks out:

For sheer madness inspired by poor design, you have to watch drivers desperately navigating the Arc de Triomphe roundabout in Paris:

Meanwhile, in Bucaresti, Romania, there's a little problem with the trains:

Outside Lagos, Nigeria, you may get stuck in a "go slow," or traffic jam, but at least there are ton of people who will sell you stuff while you wait:

In Mexico City, though, you don't want to do anything funny in traffic - at least not while this heavily armed traffic cop is around:

And this is why I miss Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - because the traffic looks like this:

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Just another reason I don't care to have a driver's license.